Implementing DEI Commitments,
one HR department at a time.

DEI: Diversity Equity and Inclusion. Can (should) encompass Belonging, Justice, Accessibility, and Accountability.

HR: Human Resources, People Operations, People Ops.

Coaching for HR Professionals

So often, HR staff are isolated. No one else has the knowledge/info/perspective held by HR leaders. They’re working hard on the organization’s behalf, but not in a way where peers can readily support them in their daily challenges.

When coaching HR leaders, Rahel serves as an ally, sounding board, and collaborator. Whether you’re new to your HR role, or have been doing this for years, having a thought partner makes all the difference. Other HR services are prioritized for clients with an ongoing HR coaching engagement.

Leadership Coaching

What values will you center in your leadership? How will your organization move forward? What else do you need? What strengths will you draw upon?

Rahel coaches folks at all levels, from seasoned executives to emerging leaders. In 2020, she was further trained through a Healing-Centered Coaching model which centers the experiences of people of color and historically marginalized communities.


Rahel offers HR and Leadership trainings for managers and staff, customized to align with organizational values, needs, and culture.

Have your managers ever received a basic introduction to employment principles? Do leaders need to better understand decision-making approaches? Need a training on inclusive hiring? A short presentation on pronouns? Let’s talk about what your organization needs, and build the right training for your team!.

HR Consulting & DEI Implementation (Retainer)

What does it look like to build a values-aligned workplace? Rahel offers ongoing HR Consulting and DEI Implementation services for organizations committed to building equity-centered HR (People Ops) infrastructure. She specializes in supporting nonprofits whose internal HR teams are ready to update policies and practices to center anti-racism and equity values.

Let’s work together, develop new workflows, and build your skills, cultivating an employee-centered approach to HR!

HR Consulting & DEI Implementation (Projects)

That HR project you don’t have capacity for? Rahel can partner with you to move forward, offering hands-on and tactical support. As your collaborator, she can take the work from vision to draft to rollout. Project priority given to current coaching and retainer clients.

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